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Our Story

Built on a foundation of absolute integrity.

In these times of concern and consolidation in the financial sector, there's still a welcome alternative for the service-minded investors, Horwitz & Associates. An investment firm which we believe is the optimum size to satisfy the needs of today's individual investor: small enough to provide personalized attention, yet large enough to offer global resources.

Most importantly, Horwitz & Associates is a firm that puts integrity first. It is what motivated us to open our doors in 1970; a desire to hold ourselves to a higher standard than other firms of the day. Horwitz & Associates has persevered and grown by always giving our clients our closest attention.

Because our goal is for every client to have a sound financial plan, we view ourselves in the conductor's role. We take the time to work closely with each client's accountants, lawyers and other advisors. We ensure all the various parts of each client's plan are in perfect harmony.

An environment that encourages best practices.

Starting at the top - and extending throughout all levels of our organization - Horwitz & Associates professionals are a select breed. Ethical behavior is our core value; we have zero tolerance for anyone who fails to work in the best interests of our clients.

This is why you'll find all of our associates to be exceptionally attentive, highly knowledgeable and extremely responsible. Simply put, we expect excellence among our team - and we reward it.

Doing the right thing for each and every customer.

Horwitz & Associates has a clear and simple mission:

At Horwitz & Associates, we are profoundly committed to our clients. We strive to thoroughly understand each client's personal, professional and financial situations. We then invest only according to each client's needs and desires.