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*Advisory Services for clients who have contractural agreements with E.A. Horwitz, LLC d/b/a Horwitz & Associates Investment Advisory

Over 60 years Investment Advisory Experience for Clients and Customers Around the World


Every financial advisor has an investment process. But not every investment process is as unique as ours. At Horwitz & Associates our process is everything: creating a balanced portfolio, following a proven investment strategy. It works! And it can produce more dependable results for investors over the long term. We know. We have been investing this way for over 4 decades – for our customers and clients as well as for ourselves.


We differ from other investment companies. We do not follow hundred of stocks or buy the “flavor of the month”. And we do not buy stocks or bonds we do not intend to keep. We INVEST. There is a limited universe of companies we know intimately – some companies we call and talk to their upper management. At Horwitz & Associates we examine things you wouldn’t find on a spreadsheet – intangibles such as solid management, a promising product launch, key personnel changes and business trends, to name a few.


We evaluate each opportunity from the bottom up and from the top down. When practical, we tour a business’ operations. We understand what they do. We ask the hard questions. And we get those questions answered by top management. Then, and only then, do we determine a stock’s suitability for inclusion in the Horwitz & Associates Growth or Conservative portfolio.


Horwitz & associates Growth Portfolio looks to determine a firm’s growth potential: companies with predictable revenue streams, growing and defensible margin, and improving efficiencies. The Horwitz & Associates Conservative Portfolio considers factors such as a company’s ongoing and/or increasing dividends, stability, and sustainability of revenue streams. Essentially, we buy what we know works. We build our portfolios from a universe of approximately 50 stocks.

A model portfolio would be managed with fixed income plus a portion of equities. Up to 20-30% of the equity portion is typically invested in banks or financial-related companies. The remainder of the equity portion is invested in stocks with more recognizable brand names. We use covered call options against these positions, helping to mitigate risk and generate cash flow. Each portfolio’s fixed income portion consists of top-rated and/or situational bonds. In unique circumstances, we construct hybrid portfolios: customized portfolios that may include securities you already own.

Portfolio Construction

Investment decisions that we make, take into consideration how a particular security will affect the overall portfolio. We assess its’ potential for growth and/or income, the security’s impact on overall portfolio risk, and possible tax consequences.

We may sell a security because a company’s fundamentals have changed. But our investment process never ends with a decision to sell – or to buy. Whether we own, sell, or choose not to purchase equity, our limited universe of stocks and bonds keeps the equities we know on our radar screen.

Investing for the Long Term

At Horwitz & Associates, our focus is always on you, the investor. We believe in the creation and growth of long-term relationships. And our approach to investing uses that same perspective.

Horwitz & Associates Rules of Investing:

  • Buy and hold good stocks and quality bonds
  • Use options to mitigate risk
  • Do the research to uncover hidden opportunities
  • Rigorously analyze and discern the “big picture”
  • Assess each investment’s potential for growth and/or income, overall impact on portfolio risk, and possible tax consequences
  • Continuity and commitment to our strategy
  • Maintain a long-term perspective
  • Keep costs among the lowest and provide best in-class wealth management services