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Founded - November 12, 1970

Investment Firm - Horwitz & Associates is small enough to provide personalized attention yet large enough to offer world-class resources.

Horwitz & Associates, Inc. was both a broker-dealer and a registered investment adviser. After its broker-dealer was sold, the principals of Horwitz & Associates, Inc. kept their registered investment adviser, renamed it E.A. Horwitz LLC in December, 2012 and continued to do business as Horwitz & Associates, having retained the right to keep that name.

The principals of Horwitz & Associates continued to operate under the same philosophy described below since they first began servicing their clients in 1970.


At Horwitz & Associates, we are profoundly committed to our clients. We strive to thoroughly understand each client's personal, professional and financial situation. Then we invest only according to each client's needs and desires.







Who is Horwitz & Associates?

Who is Horwitz & Associates?

When it was first established in 1970, the principals of Horwitz & Associates utilized a conservative investment philosophy with a high sense of integrity, which provides time-tested advice and strategy to their clients. This philosophy continues today and permeates throughout the Horwitz & Associate firm.

We follow on simple, guiding principles in helping our clients create a plan for financial security and success by properly investing according to each individual’s needs and desires.

We strive to thoroughly understand each client’s personal, professional and financial situation, by taking the time to work closely with the client’s accountants, lawyers, and other advisors, thus creating harmony.

We use our significant experience and knowledge to compose a custom financial plan for you; one that coordinates these complete parts harmoniously for optimum performance in the achievement of your individual goals.

Our staff reviews the features of each type of investment carefully with our clients, making sure that they achieve a strategic mix of risk and stability, in concert with their personal goals. This financial plan will be in harmony with your goals and desires, and will attempt to provide you with a comfortable lifestyle and secure financial future.

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